Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Malayalam film music is known for its rich classical, raga based songs.
I stumbled upon this song about 3 years back on Asianet, as I was casually channel surfing. I loved it the very first time I listend to it.I couldn't read any of the song details which were in Malayalam and so had a tough time finding it on the net!
Chitra leaves me dumbfounded with every song of her's and this is no exception. The ease with which her voice meanders through the highs and lows of the song is truely amazing.
I have tried my best to do justice to this wonderful composition, within the constraints here, and the scope of my voice and ability of course.This is my first attempt in Malayalam and I hence sincerely apologise for any mispronunciations. I would be grateful to have corrections and suggestions for improvement.

Music:Mohan Sitara