Thursday, February 08, 2007

'Uyire' with Murali Ramanathan- My first duet

Doesn't it feel good to sing and record songs that you've grown up listening to- songs that you would once play incessantly till you know by heart every bit of them, including the interludes and everything... :)
Uyire is one such for me; and yet another of those evergreen, unbeatable classics by Rahman.

Murali Ramanathan is an awesome talent who, luckily for us, entered the blogging world :)
Its amazing how all his renditions exude immense bhavam.
I'm thankful to him for asking me to do this song with him; also thank him for the mixing.
It has been an enjoyable and also a humbling experience.

Here is our version of Uyire :

Song: Uyire Uyire
Movie: Bombay
Music: A.R.Rahman
Lyrics: Vairamutthu
Singers: Hariharan and Chitra

I have had some difficulty singing certain parts of the song and wish I could touch the high notes with more ease...
Kindly leave your feedback.