Thursday, August 09, 2018

Kalyanarama - IndianRaga

Happy 12th, Octaves!

After resisting joining IndianRaga for the last 4-5 years that they have existed - due to being camera shy and thinking of myself as more a singer than a performer among other things - I finally took the plunge. While it was quite nice collaborating with other musicians, I ended up joining and/or leading 8-9 productions in all and it turned out to be an extraordinary amount of work for several months - not just creative, but also logistical and technical. But it's gratifying to see the final output and to be recognized for it. The first of my productions - a group Carnatic piece - was released a week ago:

If you like it, please do share it around and spread the word.

I'm very excited about some of my other productions to be released over the next six months or so. I'll update this space as and when they get released. Stay tuned!