Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mella mella from Blogswara-V2

BLOGSWARA!-Wow! These people are taking audioblogging to new heights!

There are some songs that are so beautiful and so powerful...have that intense feeling and take you to a different world-Mella mella from Blogswara is one such. No song has had this much impact on me in a long time.
From the time I listened to a 30 second pre-release teaser of this song, I'd been waiiiting to listen to the song in whole.Actually, when I heard that sample, I thought it was hamsanaadam! Yet again, it was infact a shruthibhedam! I percieved the notes as
Sa....Ri Ni....
And since I simply love hamsanadam (esp. with the Da :) ) I was sooo eagerly waiting for the song to release.
When it did, and when I played it for the first time, I was surprised that it was infact Gambhira naattai based (with shades of naattai/kedaram here and there)! So I figured the notes for that teaser were actually
Ma....Pa Ga....
PaNiSaGa....RiGaPaMaGaRiNiRiSaNi....... :) :)
Nevertheless I love the gambhira naattai family too, so this song was after all a fabulous treat!Both the singers Jo and Vidyu have done an amaaaazing job!I've been drowned/drenched/immersed in this song for the past 2 days and its still going strong! Completely in love with it.
What grand orchestration it has!!
Both the singers rockkkkkk in the lines 'sonthangaL yAvum thuranthEn' and 'en solvEn nAn en seivEn'-wowwwww!!
The only (minute) drawbacks-Jo's tamil pronunciation here and there, Vidyu's slightly more-than-required classical style and the similarity of some lines of the song with some of pon maalai pozhudhu.But again, these are wayyyyyyyyy too insignificant compared to the greatness of the song as a whole.
My other favourite is 'Hai mera dil' composed by Pradip Somasundaran and sung by himself and Swati Kanitkar; and has some mindblowing violin.
All the songs can be played/downloaded here:
Hats off to the team! Hope they give us more such stuff in future!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Yet another concert... blogging about this after so many days...lazy,lazy meeee...
Last Saturday, there was a hindustani vocal recital (again organised jointly by IIT and SPICMACAY) by the renowned artiste brothers- Rajan and Sajan Misra, belonging to the Benaras vocal gharana I learnt. They are the recipients of numerous awads, like the Sanskrit Award for musical excellence from the Prime Minister of India,Sangeet Natak Academy Award in 1998, Sangeet Bhushan award to name a few.
The concert was for an hour and a half.
They started with Yaman Kalyani-explored all possible intricacies of the raaga...their aalap was spell binding!
The entire piece was for about 40 minutes.
Next was a piece in Durga (requested by someone in the audience).
They ended with a bhajan in what I think was Tansen Peelu (coz it sounded like the carnatic Keeravani)
It was a great concert, but somehow, like many 'lay' carnatic listeners, I felt a little 'Hindustanically challenged' :P Could not enjoy the slowness and repetitive elaboration of the same words to the extent I would have liked :(