Monday, March 24, 2008

Elangaathu veesudhey with Jo

Elangaathu veesudhey was a very different kind of melody- a haunting tune. One of my favourites in recent times.
I consider myself to be "lyrically challenged" - when I listen to a song the tune sits in my brain bang on, but the lyrics just refuse to! It takes some extra effort for me to absorb the meaning of songs. Blame it on my incompetence in Tamil/ Hindi (the two languages most familiar to me and in which I most frequently sing)or my subconscious resistance to take in the lyrics. I don't know. But somehow, one particular line in this song caught my attention and I found to be really beautiful- and it felt so good to be able to appreciate it:
"vaLaiyaadha moongilil rAgam vaLanchi Odudhae"
-translates to: (how is it that) music meanders through the flute that is rigid/ linear...
I remember when I said this to a friend, in response she said something like "logic is so far removed from poetry and it is precisely this that makes poetry beautiful!". Reminds me of "kavidhaikku poi azhagu" :)
Joseph Thomas needs no introduction in the audiobloggers' circuit here. Its been a long pending idea to do a duet with him and here it is, finally. Was a pleasure singing this with the very talented Jo. Hope you all enjoy this!
Again recorded this with a not-so-good mic. How I miss my Shure SM 57!! :( (Some software issues are preventing me from using it) But thanks to Jo for his efforts in mixing.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Song: elangaathu veesudhey
Film: Pithamagan
Music: Ilaiyaraja
Lyrics: Pazhani Bharati
Singers: Sriram Parthasarathy and Shreya Ghoshal


Santosh hariharan said...

Hey Sindhu....Gr8 Voice yaar...Keep Rocking...Waiting to hear more from yu...:-)


Santosh Hariharan

Santosh hariharan said...

Hey Chek out my blog too...

Pradip Somasundaran said...

Beautifully done Sindhu and Jo!!!

Suchin said...

romba nanna irukkue. btw, sindhuja this time no breath problem :) (except in high pitches)

very nice recording too. good singing by jo as always

Dhiraj said...

hey sindhuja, just left a comment in Joe's blog, couldnt stop leaving a comment in ur blog too, wonderful job asusual, i like your involved rendition of this number, you were awesome.

Meera Manohar said...


Your voice is like a dew drop on a cold morning :)

Just love your voice in this and I don't see no recording issues.. so way to go!

SUMI said...

Good singing by both. Sindhu your voice sounds completely different in this song. Would've been impossible to tell that it's you if I hadn't known.

Vidyu said...

Beautifully sung by both! :-)

Thanks for the muziboo player!

ഗീതാഗീതികള്‍ said...

Hi, Sindhuja, I heard this song from Jo's page . Beautiful singing!
Jo has composed and sung one of my Malayalam lyrics and he has posted it in his page under the name 'A Devotional Song'. Pls hear it. Can u read Malayalam? If so visit my page also pls.
(In case if you don't know Malayalam - My blogger name is in Malayalam and it reads geethageethikal.)

Murali said...


I am going to borrow Meera's unusually (;) poetic comment about your voice but add a lil more.

"Your voice is like a dew drop on a cold morning :)"..yes it certainly is except in one place where it seems to have sat on a split leaf and thus is broken.

Even before I would listen to your voice in this, I knew your tone would suit shreya's to the maximum extent. Only towards the end, "vedhai vedhakkira stanza did not seed well and hence did not end convincingly. Other than that, it is a silky emotive rendition. you have done a smooth and delightful job


Very nicely rendered. My congrats to you for consciously discarding your tendency to introduce modulations. I liked your tone and rendition through out. There were a few places where you coudl have been a little more expressive - e.g. "yaarum thuNai yilla" and "pEsum kadhaiyellaam". the yaarum thuNai illai - means there is nobody to accompany which sriram sings with a "longing". watch out for such subtle points.

But guys, in any rendition, ppl can point out things like these. what is important IMO, is the wholesome idea. And your wholesome presentation was delectable.

Joe said...

Thank you all for your kind words of appreciation. It was a pleasure learning and singing this song and I should thank Sindhuja for that.

Murali, thanks a lot for your feedback, especially for pointing out on applying right emotion at the right place.

Sindhuja, I love your singing in this one! Very nice, smooth and emotive rendition!

sharanyaj said... are sounding really great...lovely and reallly wonderful singing!!! way 2 go....sorry for the late

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

Thanks very much to each of you!
Geethageethikal: I did hear that song and also left a comment there. I liked it as a whole but unfortunately dont follow Malayalam, neither can I read it.

NamelessNerd said...

Incredibly good.. Great rendition and excellent diction. Am not a fan of audio blogging and Karoke covers.. but this one is a bigg exception. Great singing as always. Thanks for the music.. Incredible awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

hi sindhu....ur song was really excellent...
i really loved isaiyil in ur collection....
i am preethi and i too hav a blog of my own oer here....i wud like u to help me out wid this ....ppppppllllllllllllsssssssssss!!!!!!i a mjus 17 and i hav finished my 12th...can u pls tell me from were do u get those karaokes and the mic which u use....ppppppppllllllllllllllssssssss....
this is my blog...

Mad Max said...

awesomeeee...never realized there was an update here with a new song...great job both of u...super pleasant...been waiting to do this song for a while...can u email me the track plzz????

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

Hi Preethi,
Thank u. I use a Shure SM 57 usually and get my k-tracks from A lot of karaokes are also uploaded at esnips. com where u can get them for free.
Anup, thanks much :) Do u want the original/ k- track/ our version? :P
Gimme ur email.

Ramya harish said...

beautiful performance.. i heard it twice..
Sindhu u r better than shreya goshal.. i said tat becoz u have pronounced so well... pronounciation for such lyrics makes a lot of difference.. you seem to struggle lil at high notes..
Jo, what a voice.. so professional..nice performance.. some words, ragasitha, adhiysayatha..sounds lik ragasaiyathe, adhisayathe..also paadha-paadhe..guess u r nt a tamilian..but its not at all obvious ok.. i was listening to it so keenly tat i noted it..

dont mistake my elaborate comments..

The Maverick Blog said...

again good one... was "ulagathil edhuvum, thanichu illaye" your false voice?

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

Yes it was :)

tech said...

Hey Sindhuja, Jo,

Amazing stuff again.

Also see R Prasanna's jazz fusion take on this elegant composition in Karaharapriya:

Sunny said...

Can you please give me a line by line translation of this beautiful song..i would be very grateful to you.

eLangaathu veesudhey
isai poala paesudhey
vaLaiyaadha moongilil
raagam vaLainchu oadudhey
maegham muzhichu kaetkudhey

karum paaRai manasula
mayil thoagai virikkudhey
mazhai chaaral theLikkudhey
pul veLi paadhai virikkudhey
vaanavil kudaiyum pudikkudhey
pul veLi paadhai virikkudhey
vaanavil kudaiyum pudikkudhey

maNiyin oasai kaettu mana kadhavu thiRakkudhey
puthiya thaaLam poattu udal kaatril midhakkudhey

(eLangaathu veesudhey...)

pinni pinni chinna eLaiyoadum
nenjai aLLum vaNNa thuNi poala
oNNukkoNNu dhaan iNanchi irukku
uRavu yellaam amanchi irukku
aLLi aLLi thandhu uRavaadum
annamadi indha nilam poala
silarukku dhaan manasu irukku
ulagam adhil nilaichu irukku
naethu thanimaiyila poachu, yaarum thuNai illai
yaaro vazhi thuNaikku vandhaal yaedhum iNai illai
ulagathil edhuvum thanichu illaiyae
kuzhalil raagam malaril vaasam saerndhadhu poala

(eLangaathu veesudhey...)

manasula enna aagaayam
dhinam dhinam adhu pudhir poadum
ragasiyathai yaaru aRincha? adhisayathai yaaru purincha?
vidhai vidhaikkiRa kai dhaanae
malar paRikkudhu dhinam dhoaRum
malar thodukka naaRai eduthu
yaar thodutha maalaiyaachu?
aalam vizhudhilae oonjal aadum kiLi yellaam
moodum siRagilae mella paesum kadhaiyellaam
thaalaattu kaettidaamalae, thaayin madiya thaedi oadum
malai nari poalae.......

(karum paaRai manasula...)

CasPeRambleS said...

Hello Sindhuja,

Very beautiful rendition of this song. You kept the listener floating in air throughout the song. Jo's voice was like warm butter sliding over a piece of cake. I came across your version when I was searching for a karaoke version of this favorite song of mine.

If you happen to read this comment, I would appreciate your inputs on my version of this song at:

I was inspired to start a music blog because of you, Murali Ramanathan, Jo and Divya Menon. Your inputs would be invaluable to me.