Thursday, December 11, 2008

BlogSwara 5 released!!

BlogSwara has released its fifth volume online!!
This time, I had the fortune of singing two songs:

azhaiththadhu yaaro: Thanks to Vijay S, got to sing a classical based melody again, after kaaththirundhen last year. Raga based songs always hold a special place for me and I so totally enjoyed singing this beautiful number, azhaiththadhu. Thank you, thank you, Vijay S!
Its not too often that you come across people with good orchestration skills plus a good understanding of ragas. Vijay Narayanan has been really supportive in these respects!
I don't have to say much about Jo- a voice that can make almost anything sound good!
Thank you, team- it was great working with you guys!
Here's a small fun video made by Vijay Narayanan - on his experience with the orchestration.

Listen to the song here!

khoye khoye: My first venture into such a genre and it was truly very exciting! Thank you Anup, for trusting I could pull it off! Used to singing classical/ melody based songs usually, this was a very refreshing change for me indeed!
Ajay Chandran's lyrics were what added life to this song- thank you, Ajay!
Many thanks to Nandu and Sam who have been extremely supportive and worked tirelessly to bring the right sound.

Listen to the song here!

I hope you enjoy listening to all songs of BlogSwara V5 as much as we enjoyed making them!


Meera Manohar said...

Azhaithadhu yaaro was fabulous Sindhuja. Khoye khoye was real refreshing...

Congratulations on BLS V5!

Sahana Kashyap said...

All the blogswara are nice. But the hit one is Azhaithathu. Till now I have listened to it 10 times. Fabulous.

Even Khoye Khoye was very good. I was counting days to listen to all the songs, from the day teasers were published:)

Wonderful orchestration and you are always rocking!:)

Sundar said...

Both the songs are very beutiful, Especially, Azhaithathu yaaro is excellent. The tune is very catchy and both of your voices perfactly matches for this song

SUMI said...

Loved both!!! Great job to the whole team! Fantastic job! Please keep going!

SUMI said...

BTW I liked the 'Unmaking ' video too! :)

Lalitha said...

Been humming Khoye Khoye since morn! Fantabulous rendition :) Enjoyed Azhaithadhu too. Waiting for more! :)

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

Meera, Sahana, Sundar, Sumi and Lalitha- thank you very much. Glad you liked the songs!

Carpe Diem said...

Hey! 'Azhaithadhu Yaaro' was real good! So u guys send each other the clips and one person does the arrangement?

I am doing a similar thing with a bunch of friends, but it isn't live and kicking yet!

Keep posting