Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kadhal Oviyam

Got to know this absolutely lovely, relatively less known number from folks at years ago. The amazing thing is, Sujata sang this when she was barely 10 or 12 years old!! Such brilliance and maturity at that age!
I'm providing a link to the original since it isn't a very famous song:

And here's my version. (It isn't a karaoke though)

Murali, thanks for the idea of recording this!

Song: Kadhal Oviyam
Music: Ilaiyaraja
Lyrics: Panju Arunachalam
Singer: Sujata
Movie: Kavikkuyil

Download here.


Ganesh said...

Sindhu I am very well aware of this song. But it took me a while :) Brilliant composition and beautifully sung by Mrs Sujatha.
And you have done a wonderful job.

Do you know on which raga is this based on ?

.:: Roshni ::. said...

wow i'm totally spellbound by your rendition. listening to this for the first time and i dont even want to listen to the original.
pls share the mp3 of your version when time permits

Vidyu said...

know i've told u this before, ur voice just stands out when u sing w/o the to listen to ur trackless renditions :-)

Awatts said...

Very nice Sindhuja...

can you tell me how you get the Thambura tune in the background? Do you have a recording of that or you use a Thambura as you sing?

I have a lot of songs that I want to sing but dont have the Ktrack and would love to know how to get that Thambura shruthi in the background...

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

Thanks so much, Ganesh, Roshni, Vidyu and Ajitha! Glad u liked it.
-Ganesh: Its a mix I guess. Dominant flavor of Harikambodhi and many of its janyas- Khamas, Rakeshri and also some Maand in the interludes.
-Roshni: I've given a download link now :)
-Ajitha: I use an electronic tambura. If you don't have one, this might help:

Anonymous said...

you have a great voice. I liked it, though I dont remember the song.

The Maverick Blog said...

You've earned a fan for your voice!!

ഡാര്‍വിന്‍ said...

Vey good song... You sung nicly..First time i am seeing your blog through Kiran's blog. Very good voice you have..

Ravi said...

Sindhuja, there is another nice song rendered by a young Sujatha in the movie "Gayathri" which goes like "Kaalai paniyil aadum malargal". I felt Sujatha's rendition was with an open throat back then. Later (post Roja years), her voice seems like whisphering.

Jack said...

Sidhuja... Most of the times am seeing movie songs sung by you. Are you having your own compositions. Something apart from movie songs. Kathirunthen... song is very good one. Anything like that...?

Bassix said...


You have a mesmerizing voice. Initially I thought this song is "Kadhal Oviyam Paadum Kaaviyam" (sung by IR and Susheela). Although disappointed that it was a different song that I didn't know, your voice kept me there.

- Krishna (Meera Manohar's friend)

Anonymous said...

the original song was sung by jency not sujatha.

Murali Venkatraman said...


Your esnips links don't work very well (in both IE and Mozilla). I got reminded of your rendition of this song today and wanted to listen. I had to go to soundclick, tolerate the loud smileys to play it.

Don't think I am lobbying for muziboo. But a good singer like you must collect your work in one place for potential visitors (who knows ..may be composers) to have easy access.

And I remember commenting on this song though I do not find my comment here! Strange. Anyway very good rendition except for the high notes which you do very well these days. And the word is not thendral kavazndhu but thavazndhu.

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

I'm late by 2.5 years in responding to this but I've finally made the move to Soundcloud :)

sundarblog said...

Seeing this blog late. The song was not sung by Sujatha. Its yesteryear singer Jency.