Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson- RIP

I can't believe a world phenomenon can just end like that. So soon.
MJ brings back a lot of childhood memories. Thanks to my sister, I would listen to a lot of his music as a kid. I still remember lazy Sunday afternoons playing Heal the World or Dangerous or Jam. Often, a bunch of us, neighbour kids would get together and dance to Black or White- trying to do that famous step crisscrossing arms and legs :)
I still love listening to his songs. Wish he had the chance to make that come-back!
The world sure will sorely miss him...
Michael Jackson- RIP.

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Murali Venkatraman said...

The greatness of MJ is the fact even ppl with the least exposure in some rural Indian places knew his name (thanks to movies of course). for example my mom exaclaimed "ayyayoo..nanna dance aaduvaane" and she is one of the last generation homemakers whose entire world was and is just her family.

It is sometimes hard to realize that such an influential entertainer is gone. I wonder how we will feel when greats, like IR, MSV, SPB, KJY end their stay here.