Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Seattle- Episode 2 :)

Enjoying my summer break with my sister... after albela sajan last time, we recorded this old Kannada song from the 80's today. Beautiful song set primarily in Shuddha sarang/ Brindavana saranga.
Thanks Sumi, for the choice of song.

Do let us know what you thought about this :) And whether you could tell who's who ;)

Here goes...

Song: Theredhidhe mane
Movie: Hosabelaku
Music: Ranga Rao L M
Lyrics: Kuvempu
Singers: Janaki S, Vani Jairam

Download here.


Ramya said...

Sindhu n Sumitra, That was very beautiful & soothing. Enjoyed it!

Vidyu said...

Sindhu & Sumi,

Not sure what adjective will sound apt for this! I will only say blessed are those parents of such blessed girls! :) God Bless u both! :)

Jo said...

Such a lovely musical treat. I will just second Vidyu. :-)

Srividya Kasturi said...

Beautiful! Loved both ur voices in this song:)

meena said...

Very nice Sindhu and sumitra :).Enjoyed listening :).

jan said...

Lovely !!!

Would like to listen to more knnada songs from you !!!

Murali Venkatraman said...


I have a feeling that in some places you are trying to enforce sangathis. Also, there is some uncertainty in your initial aalaap

But sounded very sweet emphasizing the effect of polyphony.

BTW, Sindhu I guess we both need to get out of madhyamavathi/ brindavani. you have sung too many in it and I have composed too many in it :)

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

Thanks very much to each one of you!
Murali: you're kinda right. Chanchala dhruta in Brindavan Saranga and Savan rut aayi in Shudhdha Saranag and Sumi's manamayakkum in BS as well :) So put together, yeah that's quite a bit :)

Nyx said...

Both of you sound great!!! Your voice sends shrills down my back... A very nice rendition....